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Grooming & Nurturing

VidyaGyan offers an inspiring and stimulating learning environment. Through classroom training combined with exposure to the urban schooling environment, the fully residential academy makes it possible for students to imbibe leadership qualities, resulting in holistic personality development. The schools follow the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum.

21st Century Learning

Right from the time they begin their journey at VidyaGyan, students receive training in the following areas:

Following are the highlights of VidyaGyan’s search for talent:

  • Social responsibility
  • English proficiency by the eighth grade with intensive remedial inputs to shift from Hindi to English based curriculum in the initial years
  • Social and communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Proficiency in computers
  • Excellence in diverse areas including sports, music, dance and art amongst others
  • Competitive public examination preparedness
  • Urban exposure through inter-school tours and competitions
Residential Care

Being a residential campus, VidyaGyan undertakes numerous steps to ensure that every child receives home-like care and nurturing. It is ensured that every student receives timely nutritious meals and their personal hygiene, health and growth are regularly monitored. Through weekly discussions on topics like personal hygiene, separation anxiety from parents, adolescent behaviour and personal organization it is ensured that the students are prepared to maintain their academic and social life balance.

Some of the key aspects of their residential life include:

  • Special movie screenings
  • Night preparation (academic and personal guidance by a dedicated teacher)
  • Group discussions of particular TV programmes or relevant news or magazine articles
  • Indoor games

VidyaGyan promises to offer the very best infrastructure and facilities to students and faculty members. Every school is equipped with

  • A language lab
  • A math lab
  • Library
  • Amphitheatres
  • Athletic track
  • Football field
  • Skating rink
  • Indoor sports
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