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VidyaGyan Philosophy

For a developing country like India, its population is its biggest strength and challenge. India’s populations grows younger as the rest of the world deals with the problem of workforce shortage due to an ageing population. This demographic dividend of India can only be leveraged through skilling and education of its youth. While change for betterment is inevitable, VidyaGyan was established to challenge the undersupply of leadership from rural India and nurture the restless youth who want to accelerate the pace of that change and fast forward our journey towards the future.

Four key premises define the core belief of VidyaGyan:

Meritocracy – Discovering Talent

VidyaGyan has a rigorous three part admission process; ensuring that only meritorious rural students are selected for induction. The VidyaGyan search process is the largest search process in the country at the school level.

Following are the highlights of VidyaGyan’s search for talent:
  • 400 students selected out of a total pool of 200,000 students
  • Covering 90,000 Government schools in 75 districts of UP
  • 1 student selected out of every 500 students who apply
Excellence VidyaGyan ensures that every student is groomed to perfection. Nurturing the young scholars involve the following:
  • Gifted program
  • Life skill training
  • Study of ethics
  • Introduction to concepts of philanthropy
  • New teaching methodologies – Collaborative, Flip model etc.
  • Leadership development
  • Social and environmental sensitivity
  • Teachers as guide on the side
Creating Spirals of Inspiration

VidyaGyan believes that leadership can be inspired or inculcated. Not only are the VidyaGyan scholars regularly given avenues to interact with national and international leaders and thinkers but they in turn become the ambassadors of that message of change. They carry this inspiration back to their villages and work to understand and address the root cause of the country’s largest problems – illiteracy, poverty, skill gap, environment, gender gap etc.

Raising Aspirations

To catalyze growth and development in the country, it is essential that the aspirations of our youth are honed in a way that allows and encourages them to dream big. When VidyaGyan was initially established, the students aspired to get a Government job or become teachers or work for the local authorities. The true indicator of VidyaGyan’s success is glimpsed in the aspiration of its students who are aspiring to make a difference in the world by choosing to study at the best universities of the world, leaving their mark on international platforms and inspiring others to think out of the box. The students of VidyaGyan are at the forefront of the changing rural mindset that wants to join the club of high achievers without the thought of failure.

The pillar of academic excellence at VidyaGyan ensures that there is equality in education and that students receive a comprehensive education. It empowers them with the knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields. The VidyaGyan initiative focuses on advanced education while nurturing students’ physical, emotional, and social well-being, thus enabling them to grow into well-rounded individuals. Leadership is also fostered at VidyaGyan, a rural development institute, to empower students to become confident and responsible leaders in their communities.