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John David Shikle

The only way to save our dreams is by being generous with ourselves’. Investing myself in the VidyaGyan dream has been the rewarding experience of my life.

As the Principal of VidyaGyan School, Sitapur, I must admit that it gives me great pleasure to think that we have brought the legacy of the residential school system to rural UP and the impact this will have on individuals, families, and communities will get carried to future generations. Meritorious rural children are selected, inducted and nurtured for the future to create mainstream successful leaders. This Leadership Academy can only be described as a residential educational institution for economically disadvantaged children from rural UP. VidyaGyan residential school is a secure 24–hour community in which children learn academic and living skills. A nurturing environment is created specifically to support the learning process.

These children have shown exceptional capabilities in all respects and all that they need is the opportunity and privilege thatis easily available to any urban child.


The VidyaGyan, Sitapur campus is spread over 26.70 acres. There are 30 classrooms in the school building for a total number of 533 students. The campus includes a language lab, computer lab, library, two smart classes, one math labs, one e- leaning center, an international size athletic track, football and cricket ground, a state-of-the-art basketball court, indoor sports facilities and an upcoming amphitheater (seating 1400). In addition to above the school nestles a lush green mango orchard spread over 7 acres. The school also houses 30 faculty members.

The current student sex ratio of both the schools is 60:40 (boys, girls).


Campus life at VidyaGyan is extremely exciting. From competitions to debates to discussions to social initiatives to wall paintings, VidyaGyan has it all.