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The state of Uttar Pradesh with a population of more than twenty crore is the most populous and densely populated state of India. Uttar Pradesh not only houses one-sixth of the total population of India, but if compared, the total population of Uttar Pradesh is more than the combined population of three countries like France, Germany and Netherlands. It is a very difficult challenge to select 600 deserving, meritorious and meritorious students from such a large population and a vast area of 800 kms east-west and 400 kms north-south.

To enter VidyaGyan School, students have to clear a tough test. A unique 'talent search process' is prescribed for the selection, in which in the first phase, out of a group of about 5 lakh students studying in Class 5 from families in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, the best girls and boys are identified with the highest marks. . In the second phase, the selection of meritorious girls and boys from among the best students with such identified highest marks is done through a written test, which presents an ideal pyramid starting from the top to the base.

student selection process

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of rural area of any district of Uttar Pradesh state.
  • The combined annual income of the applicant's family members including parents and other members from all sources should not exceed one lakh rupees per annum.
  • The applicant should be studying in class 5 after passing class 3 and 4 from a school established in a rural area.
  • As on 30.06.2017, the maximum age for boys is 12 years and for girls it is 13 years.
  • Only one chance is valid for the written test.
  • Among the best girls and boys who have secured the highest marks in the preliminary written examination fixed for admission in Vidyagyan, the students who have secured the highest marks in the main written examination, in which at least 40% will be girls, are selected after background verification, mutual dialogue and records.

Selection Process

Academic year 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Applicant 100815 161895 244568 242022
Student sitting in exam 83423 80212 139319 133020
Covered district 59 75 75 75
Covered school 64317 109747 137936 138145
Students selected in the preliminary examination 2000 2940 6002 2053
Students selected after final examination 305 410 4796 1714
Finally admitted students 174 306 199 121
CONTACT FOR ADMISSION: +91-011-6545652