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  • Question- If a student is a resident of one district but studying in another district, is he eligible for the entrance test or not? If eligible then from which district can he apply.
    Answer- Students can apply from (government/recognised private school) located in the rural area of the district in which they are studying, but they will have to present the permanent residence and income certificate of their parent's district.

  • Question- How and who will mark the application number on the application form and the photocopy downloaded from the Internet and how will the applicant know the application number?
    Answer- On submission of the photocopy of the application by the applicant,
    a new number will be created by the Block Education Officer on the said application by marking the name and serial number of the photostat/development block and the same serial number will also be written on the photocopy of the 'admit card'.

  • Question- After getting admission in the last month of the academic year, if the student is promoted to class 4 within a month, then is he eligible for the entrance test or not?
    Answer- In the academic year of the written examination for admission in Vidyagyan, the student must be studying in class 5 in the school of rural area after passing class 3 and 4 from the school of rural area, otherwise he is not eligible.

  • Question- How many papers can be asked, what is the duration of the exam?
    Answer- The duration of the exam is two hours and up to 100 questions can be asked.

  • Question- How will the student get the information about the final examination (May/June)?
    Answer- Along with publishing the results of the successful and selected students for the final examination on the website of VidyaGyan, information is also sent to the individual students by post informing the Basic Education Officer.

  • Question-Is the information sent in the admit card at the time of submission of the application form by the student?
    Answer- Along with filling the information in the application form by the student, the information on the admit card (except the name of the center) is also filled before the submission of the application form.

  • Question- What will be the result date of the exam and where will be the main exam?
    Answer- The result of preliminary entrance examination and final examination is published on the website of Vidyagyan School within one month of the examination and the center of main examination is maximum 150 kms from the home district. is determined under, to reach which, if the guardian is eligible on the basis of income certificate, the payment of rent is borne by the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

  • Question- Is the photocopy of the application form different for boys and girls?
    Answer- Application for boys and girls is separate-2. The original application should be made by the girl child and the boy child only. There is no arrangement for a common application form for both.

  • Question- What is the format of the final exam?
    Answer- In the main examination, some questions are objective type and some questions are set in such a way that the knowledge, language, mathematics, science, mental ability, analytical ability and behavior of the student can be known.