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Bishwajit Banerjee

VidyaGyan is an ambitious project. Rural Uttar Pradesh is plagued by several ills which include lack of hygiene, low awareness towards opportunities, caste conflicts, religious intolerance and cynicism towards education within certain communities especially for girls.
Students who come to join VidyaGyan belong to communities that have seen little development and these children are eager for change. The students have matched every effort of ours with equal enthusiasm and passion to embrace a future full of possibilities. More than that they have been the harbingers of change for their communities – arranging adult literacy classes, sessions on better agricultural productivity, gender equity, making available a filter to better process their drinking water etc.
At every turn the students have excelled over and beyond our expectations. They have not only proved themselves academically but also at every other activity that they have been assigned. Their ideas about the future are revolutionary and give us hope that our dreams are not far from reality.


The VidyaGyan, Bulandshahr campus and building is designed by one of the finest architects, Mr. C.R. Narayanrao and spread over 20 acres (14 for the school itself and 6 for housing). The total facility area is 250,000 square feet. The school building has 30 classrooms and the campus includes a hostel for 700 students, a language lab , a computer lab, a math lab, a library, an amphitheatre (seating 800), an auditorium, an athletic track, a football field, a skating rink and indoor sports facilities. An 8-acre sports complex stands next to the school campus. This includes a cricket ground and other outdoor sports facilities. Bulandshahr currently has 39 faculty members


Campus life at VidyaGyan is extremely exciting. From competitions to debates to discussions to social initiatives to rock performances, VidyaGyan has it all.

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