Your Gift Makes a Difference
Support generously and transform lives through education

Social responsibility is not a unique concept anymore. Every individual, corporate and foundation understands and recognizes the importance of giving back to the society which nurtured them at some point in time. However philanthropy is not just about spending money. It is important to understand, identify and empathize with the cause of individual philanthropy. In an increasingly global world, where new social problems arise every day, it is not easy to attach oneself with any particular cause.

An initiative like VidyaGyan is more than just an educational model. It is a great social equalizer that levels the playing field for the underprivileged lot of people. The success of the VidyaGyan Project can change the entire fate of one of the least advanced states of India in a stroke, within a span of 10 years. Imagine the difference that not just one but 4,000 future philanthropists, who are currently the students of VidyaGyan, would be able to achieve. It is a complete and comprehensive solution for every underdeveloped nation that aspires to prevent future social ills rather that providing temporary answers to current problems. Help us create a better world for our children.

Your gift will make a difference in numerous ways; and no matter where or how you decide to make your gift, you can be assured that your support will help ensure a brighter future for many students.